Welcome to my Site!

Welcome! Have a look around, and feel free to comment, share and use anything you find here. I run this site as an educational blog, with ideas and tips for teachers and students. As my site is growing now (85 posts and counting), it might be quicker for you to try writing something in the “Search” bar – at the top right of the page. For example, if you type “IELTS reading” you will find all related articles quickly listed!

Using the links: If you click on one of the links on the right, you will find the most recent posts under that category. At the bottom of the page, if you click “Older Posts”, you will find more!

I like hearing from people, so do get in touch with me on simonrichardsonenglish@gmail.com if you have any questions, comments, observations… Please note that if you leave a weblink on your comment, it will be automatically sent to the “Spam” folder though!

I also keep my personal blog here – it’s intended to be funny, and not necessarily a completely accurate reflection of my actual opinions, so please read it as such and remember that all the entries are tagged as “comedy”!

Near the top of the site, you can also see “About Me” – a very brief summary of my work life to date and “Contact Me” for links to my Facebook and Twitter accounts. You’ll also see “English Lessons / Portfolio” with details of my prices and location, as well as the private services I offer. Or, you can click here http://wp.me/P2RmnE-6V

Finally, you can look at my “Portfolio” – which includes work from my DELTA and publications.

I hope you enjoy reading my stuff, and that you find some helpful or amusing information!


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