Day One

Well, I have finally got myself set up. I now have this page, a Twitter that links to this page, a LinkedIn account that links to this page and the twitter, a separate Twitter as a personal account which links to my Facebook page, which is linked to my Spotify, and all of these things are somehow magically on my mobile phone in the form of Apps, which do whatever they want without instruction and then tell me about it afterwards. I mean, what is the world coming to? Soon I’m going to have a fridge that links to my stomach, which in turn is linked to my neighbour’s dog and then we’ll all be in big trouble. Does anyone out there have any useful tips, hints, advice, mockery or unhelpful taunts that could steer me in the right direction on these sites? Actually, I’m getting the hang of Twitter now I think about it. I’m following all the people that I’m expected to: Stephen Fry, Mrs Stephen Fry, QI, Stephen Fry’s mother’s sister’s cousin’s great-aunt Brenda. Oh, and Lord Sugar. He’s definitely got a lot in common with me.

So anyway, if anybody stops by and wants to provide a metaphorical stroke of the head or soothing lullaby, please feel free. If you don’t then I’m worried I may have a technological breakdown. And, in this day and age, that could be very unpleasant indeed.

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