IELTS Speaking – Can you answer these questions?

Students: Have a look at the list below. Can you answer these questions? Can you see which questions might come up in Part I, Part II or Part III? I’ll post this again in a few days with the questions in categories to show you.

Remember: Use AND, SO and BECAUSE to make your answers longer.

IELTS Speaking Topics and Questions


10 thoughts on “IELTS Speaking – Can you answer these questions?

  1. thanks Simon for these topics and questions. I don’t know why but IELTS speaking is really challenging. I hope to get my target score soon.

      1. The speaking part. Maybe the part where we get to talk in front of a native English speaker. I guess I don’t have that confidence yet.

          1. Dear Simon,
            My recent test result was 6.0 (L:6.0; R: 5.5; W and S: 6.5). I was very weak in Yes/No/NG task. I need only 6.5 (overall). What should I do now? I got 6.0 of reading section for the first test. Is it okay for me to write only Y/N/NG into the answer sheet?
            Thank you

  2. Hi Hue

    Write “Yes” “No” and “Not Given” – don’t shorten anything, just to be safe. Also, with these questions: if you don’t know the answer, trust your reading ability and put “Not Given” – if you can’t find the answer, maybe it isn’t there! When is your next test?

    1. Dear Simon,
      Thank you so much for your advice. I did shorten the Yes/No/Not Given in the last test :(. I have to re-sit for the test on next Saturday (7 Sept). I tried some reading today and found better.

    2. Dear Simon,
      My listening is not too bad but I have problem with single/plural noun when I copied the answers to the answersheet. What should I do to improve this?
      And, should I write all answer in capital?

      1. The plurals are a typical problem – you need to think about the context. Remember the rule: if the speaker is talking about something general / universal, then there’s a high probability that a noun will be plural. Try practising listening to news items that you can find the texts for.

        Don’t write in capitals – write normally!


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