Cambridge Exams – Writing a Report / Proposal

A common question in Writing Part 2 is to write a report or proposal. This short article will give you two tips.

  • Structure

The accepted structure is headings and sub-headings. Have a look at this:


Start with “The purpose of this proposal / report is to…” or a similar phrase. Then, outline what you are going to be writing about – you can basically paraphrase the question and signal what is going to come. Don’t make any of your points yet!

Findings / Positive Points / Specific Subject Heading

Remember to structure this using sequencers (firstly, furthermore, additionally…)

Another heading with another subject (if necessary)

Same as above

Recommendations / Problems / Solutions

Often, part of this kind of task is to suggest improvements or solutions, so here you are directly addressing the previous paragraph(s) and again, sequencing your ideas clearly.


Don’t forget this paragraph! A brief summary “Overall…” and a positive statement to finish.

Take a look here for some model answers: CAE-10-TESTS-Model Compositions


  • Language

Remember, the language you need here is neutral. I like to think of it as BORING. This means no colourful adjectives (amazing, superb, wonderful), no exaggeration or emotion (I really believe, it is absolutely / completely / totally…). Instead, use modals, passives and objective language. Think about the language used in terms and conditions of contracts. Not very interesting!


Remember to write between 220 and 260 words for CAE!



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