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Cambridge IELTS 8 Writing Model Answer (Test 1 Task 1)

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7 thoughts on “Cambridge IELTS 8 Writing Model Answer (Test 1 Task 1)

  1. Do we have to write the table information in past tense as it is mentioned in the qstn “1990” ??

    1. Hi there

      If you mention the date then you would have to use the past after that, yes. For example, if my introduction said “…in 1990.” then everything after that would have to be in the past.


      1. if we didn’t mention the year, will it affect the score? Isn’t the year one of main information?

        1. Hi

          It would be if it was one or two specific years, but the 1990s isn’t particularly important. Put it in if you need extra words to make 150!

  2. How much band score is the above essay able to score?

    1. Hi! It’s a 9. It’s not impossible to get it!

    2. Nine!

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