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Simon was the first teacher I’ve met in Leeds and that was for my luck. I had lots if grammar classes with him such as the indirect speech and the past perfect tense . He has a sense of humor which keeps the student focus on what he teaches and enjoy it and memorable . I personally enjoyed my classes with him so much and I feel like using different grammar structures accurately . – Elmahdi, Libya



I was SimonĀ“s student for two months and it was a great experience. I really learnt a lot and his classes were fantastic! In my opinion, the most important aspect of this classes were that I didnā€™t improve just my grammar but my speaking, my listening and my writing too. As consequence, I get a good preparation in all English languageĀ“s field. Furthermore, Simon is a very funny guy so you learn quickly while you have a good time. As his explanations are clear and usefull, you feel that you are learning and you get more and more confidence. In fact, I was able to work without any problem in the UK once I finished the classes and I passed the CAE, what is going to help me to follow my studies in Spain – Javier, Spain



The reason which I came to Leeds is undergraduate studies. Honestly, I used to be a terrible English user before coming, until I met a teacher, Simon. After having finished a 7 months General English course, I couldn’t say I’d become very great as ready to sit the IELTS exam. When I was panicking whether I could reach my target, getting at least 6 in the IELTS, I met Simon because he was the main teacher of our class. Firstly, I could feel the nervousness of the class. Students around me were so quiet even during break time. But Simon is a hilarious person, I’d say he’s crazily funny. It made us all take part in class activities, even boring like writing and reading practice, relaxedly. Furthermore, Simon regarded for all of us. He gave extra speaking practice after class to all the students who had to take the exam soon. I could feel that Simon didn’t only teach you skills and techniques, he raised us up and strengthened our confidence. Eventually, I got 6.5 in the IELTS at once. That’s why I really wanna say “thanks” to the teacher who’s keen to help his students selflessly. – King Fung, Hong Kong

King Fung


Honestly, simon’s one of my favourite english teachers that i have known. he’s such a lovely teacher with an amazing style of teaching. being in simon’s class wasn’t like in other english classes but it seem like you were learning and discussion with your friend. i like being in his class because he’s very nice and friendly to all of the students, so that i feel comfortable to ask question. I had a lot of fun learning and studying with him. – Noon, Thailand





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