Teaching Pronunciation in the Classroom

I’ve attached the powerpoint slides of a CPD I delivered at school this week. I’ll say a few brief things about it.

Firstly, I think it’s a real shame that there is this fear of dealing with pronunciation in depth in the classroom. In my experience, students respond really well. It increases confidence, builds bonds and really develops not just the ability to discriminate between sounds and improve production, but the ability to listen more accurately; the area that I think is most improved upon when we teach pronunciation.

You may find a few terms / suggestions in these slides that you aren’t familiar with. As always, message me or add a comment if you aren’t sure and would like to use some of these ideas in class / deliver this as a CPD in your own school. I hope you find it valuable in some way.

Teaching Pronunciation


Professional Development – CPD Log

This will no doubt cause irritation. CPD logs are becoming the norm. Schools have already started using them as part of appraisal programmes and are now starting to expect teachers to have existing logs.

Obviously, if you are extremely active on the development front, this will be time-consuming. On the other hand, you’re probably the kind of person who will do it. It may give you an advantage as the industry moves to heighten its standards and differentiate between part-timers and those looking to further themselves and build a career.

The log consists of:

  1. Professional development courses I have attended
  2. Conferences / workshops I have attended
  3. Journal articles I have read
  4. Books I have read
  5. Internet resources I have found useful
  6. Thoughts and ideas from colleagues and peers
  7. Reflection – my thoughts and ideas on my own teaching
  8. Action research projects
  9. Talks / workshops I have given
  10. Papers / books I intend to write

I’m not saying that employers are going to disregard you for not having been to a conference or for not planning to write a book, but keeping an active log of your professional development could well help you.

You can find the log here: CPD Log

I’m doing mine now!